Canadian IWA YWP Conference Program

Program Overview (EDT)

Workshops & Panels

Workshop I
Modelling as Tool for Decision Making on Operations of Water Resource Recovery Facilities

This workshop aims to inform early career YWPs about the modelling field & guide them for their future career in this field. Modelling concepts for  wastewater treatment systems will be introduced to YWPs and they will understand the beneficial use of models through different case studies. The workshop will also ensure YWPs will learn the importance of operational conditions, wastewater characteristics, model set-up, model parameters and variables, how it could be used as decision-making tool for operation and optimization of real systems.

Workshop II
Fundamentals and Practical Experience on Anaerobic Digestion

This workshop aims to share with the young water professionals (YWPs) the fundamentals of anaerobic digestion as a promising technology for recovering value added products from the municipal and industrial wastes. Audience will learn about the practical experience and troubleshooting of anaerobic digestion and how to solve real problems. The audience will also learn about the economic aspects of the anaerobic digestion technology and how to calculate the revenue, payback period, and what type of incentives that are available in North America. Furthermore, real on-going case studies will be discussed with the audience and the challenges that facing the projects, especially, at the start-up. The audience will learn also about the advanced anaerobic digestion technologies and the underdevelopment technologies.

Panel I
Emerging as Water Leaders: Career Journeys from Around the World

The water sector is quickly evolving and transforming. The careers paths of the past are no longer representative of what we see now in the global water sector – different opportunities, more digital technology, remote working, interdisciplinary studies, etc. In this panel, we explore how the IWA’s Emerging Water Leaders from around the world have navigated their career journeys, developed their ways of working, addressed challenges, and the lessons they have learned along the way. Join this discussion to find out how we, as a global community of Young Water Professionals, can better plan for the future of working in the water sector.

Panel II
Canadian YWP Panel Discussion: Pandemic and beyond

This panel is to discuss the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the water professional career application, development, and direction. Specifically, how does the pandemic affect the job market? How does it change the related water professional job focus? (For example, there may be more field jobs in the past, but a lot of field jobs might be transformed to desktop jobs now.) How do we develop our career (e.g., job promotion, job change) in such a virtual environment (limited face-to-face interactions)?

Poster Presentations

TitlePresenting Author
Identifying the most important factors in watermain failures using dimensionality reduction methodsSadaf Gharaati
Influent forecasting for wastewater treatment plants in North AmericaGavin Boyd
Combined chemical conditioning anaerobically digested sludge for improvement of dewateringUmme Sharmeen Hyder
Non-sewered sanitation systems global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions: Balancing trade-offs amongst sustainable development goals (SDGs)Kelsey Shaw
An irrigation scheduling app based on evapotranspiration and effective rainfall for Bangladeshi cropsDaniel Simonet
Déphosphatation biologique pour la récupération du phosphore d’eaux esées agroalimentaires par le procédé de boues granulaires aérobiesMaria Guerrero
Graphitized sand: One solution for all cyanotoxins?Pratik Kumar
Volatile fatty acids recovery from different industrial wastesAbir Hamze
Biological denitrification of wastewater using volatile fatty acids from industrial wasteAli Mahmoud
Side-stream treatment of anaerobically digested sludge centrate through selective enrichment of nitrifiers in activated sludge sequencing batch reactorGuillian Morgan
Comparison of different thermochemical processes for energy recovery from organic wasteYi Yuan
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