an inclusive, forward thinking & supportive community

IWA YWP Canada aims to be an inclusive, forward-thinking, and supportive community for all early-career Canadians working in the water sector.

Our goal is to gather together early career professionals working in our country’s water sector to network, provide opportunities, collaborate, empower, and support them.

Why join IWA YWP Canada?

Grow your network

Establish, grow, and maintain a strong, high-quality & multi-disciplinary network with IWA Young Water Professionals!

Professional Development

Get the opportunities, join IWA YWP events and reach many resources to improve your professional development!

Join Events & Activities

Join conferences, seminars, webinars and workshops organized by IWA & IWA YWP Canada!

How to join IWA YWP Canada?

Membership of IWA YWP Canada is open to all young professionals that are between ages 18 to 35 and reside in Canada!

Connect to the World’s Leading Water Professionals

Connect with us on our membership portal, IWA Connect the ultimate online hub where you can find, share and discuss the latest water knowledge, the wonders of science or the beats from the lab. Log in to IWA Connect to read what our water community is up to.

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