My Water Path

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The “My Water Path” MentorshipProgram is a joint program of CentrEau and the International Water Association – Young Water Professionals Canadian Chapter.

It is open to students and young professional members of both organizations.

Through this program, the student community and young water professionals in Quebec will be able to find a mentor to guide them in the development of their careers. Whether in the field of research, private sector, or public/non-profit programs, this program is designed to facilitate the sharing and transfer of knowledge within the water community of practice.


Mentors: Anyone, with or without mentoring experience, who wishes to invest a few hours per month coaching a student or young professional. All water experts are welcome!

Mentees: CentrEau members and IWA members in Quebec


Mentors: The registration period is closed

Mentees: The registration period is open from February 4 to 27, 2022


  • Participants agree to provide 3 to 4 hours of availability per month. Please note that meetings will be held exclusively at a distance for the moment.
  • CentrEau and the YWP-IWA Committee is committed to providing coaching for the first meetings.
  • Consult the Mentee Guide » (English p. 5)
  • Consult the Mentor Guide » (English p. 5)

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