Lynn Valley and Rice Lake Hike (BC)

On October 23rd, IWA YWP in British Columbia partnered with the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) on a nature hike to Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. It was a rainy Saturday with beautiful waterfalls, warm hot chocolate,  and great conversation. Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our emails so that you don’t miss our next event.

Blue Drinks with CentrEau

IWA YWP Canada collaborated with CentrEau to host the first ‘Blue Drinks’ for 2021 on September 23rd. This was our first in-person social event in over a year! The event took place in 3 Quebec cities – Montreal, Quebec City, and Sherbrooke. Our Co-chair, Gamze Kirim, and Regional Director for Quebec, Alex Webb, introduced ourContinue reading “Blue Drinks with CentrEau”

Waterside chat with Jaime Boutilier

IWA YWP Canada held a great waterside chat event today with Jaime Boutilier, P.ENG, PMP. Jaime shared her career path and experiences in the water sector with us and gave invaluable advice to YWPs. She emphasized the importance of volunteer work, management skills, communication skills, teamwork. planning & organization for the YWPs who are in their early career and how to improve thoseContinue reading “Waterside chat with Jaime Boutilier”

WaterSide Chat with Dr. Vanrolleghem

Talking about the wastewater plant operation, Dr. Vanrolleghem insisted that there could be a mutation in microorganism that is likely to occur because of COVID-19 enigma surrounding the treatment process, and that the operator should be ready for the challenge. He laid stress on the digital transformation in the wastewater treatment plant where automation couldContinue reading “WaterSide Chat with Dr. Vanrolleghem”

1st CAWQ Virtual Conference

We’re proud to have supported the 1st Virtual CAWQ conference in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic. It was a packed 2 day event with lots to learn and engage with. Our sincere congratulations to the technical presentation and raffle draw winners!

Globalization Empowered by Digitalization

Digitalization is the driving medium of the globalization through encouraging innovation, and increasing interconnectedness. But how have the recent reforms in digitalization during the pandemic affected the water sector? Our panelists, Peter Vanrolleghem, Domenico Santoro,  Art Umble and Mehran Andalib talked about their outlook on digitalization in the water sector and the role of statistical data in artificial intelligence platforms. OurContinue reading “Globalization Empowered by Digitalization”

Community Based Monitoring (CBM): A Valuable Tool for Water Quality Data

 What is ‘community-based monitoring’(CBM), and how does it work in the context of water quality data collection? This workshop was designed to introduce CBM initiatives taking place in Atlantic Canada, and show how they can be used to build community engagement while developing useful water quality datasets. Atlantic Water Network’s Director, Emma Wattie and co-presenter Alexandra Webb Continue reading “Community Based Monitoring (CBM): A Valuable Tool for Water Quality Data”

River Ice Jams & Their Impact on Ecosystems: Webinar

 As part of the programming under the 1st virtual CAWQ conference, Palash Ranjan Sanyal, EIT presented a webinar on the River Ice Jams, the problems arising from it, and possible measures that can be undertaken to resolve these issues.

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