Lessons learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic and how it influenced my future plan as an Environmental Engineering graduate student

Written by Tae Hyun (Calvin) Chung, Ph.D. Student in Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta December 2019 marked the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. What initially began as distant news quickly overturned all facets of society and shook modern civilization at its core. Lockdowns ensued immediately, and with it, all but the essential stores closed. PanicContinue reading “Lessons learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic and how it influenced my future plan as an Environmental Engineering graduate student”

Difficulties and hardships you may experience during graduate studies and how to overcome them

Written by Amr Ismail – Partnership Director IWA-YWP Canada As a graduate student who started his program 6 months before the whole world was shut down because of a global pandemic, my graduate studies experience is kind of unique. I came to Canada as an international student to study Environmental and Water Resources Engineering afterContinue reading “Difficulties and hardships you may experience during graduate studies and how to overcome them”

Tourism as a water professional!

With summer travel in full swing and a lot of post-pandemic revelries to be had, I want to talk about my top tips for traveling as a water professional. You can be a tourist and a water nerd at the same time, which means you’re such a fun person to hang out with 😛 1.Continue reading “Tourism as a water professional!”

Time management, you have more time than you think you do!

I have got this question in my life many times: “How do you find time for your studies, work, and kids?” And my answer is simple: Time Management. I finished my Ph.D. while working part-time, volunteering in three organizations, raising three kids, and on top of all these, going through a pandemic. Surprisingly, I finishedContinue reading “Time management, you have more time than you think you do!”

Graduate-level Teaching Practices to Improve Leadership Skills

           The term ‘leadership’ is often misunderstood by many. It is not just about guiding a team to the glory of success; it is also about setting clear and functional goals for the team (and for self) and working diligently to accomplish those goals by inspiring the team members. The inspiration does not necessarily need toContinue reading “Graduate-level Teaching Practices to Improve Leadership Skills”

Should I do a PhD?

Is doing a PhD even worth it? Won’t you just be too educated even to be employed? But you don’t want to be a professor, so why would you bother? These are some of the negative thoughts that surround the prospect of grad school, from people inside and outside the system. In this blog post,Continue reading “Should I do a PhD?”

Navigating professional conferences as a YP

Conferences are a large part of both the academic and professional worlds. Hosted by ‘professional associations’ such as AWWA, WEF, and local water groups, the goal of these events is to share ideas, knowledge, new technology, and experiences, to solve problems, address challenges, and make changes in the sector. They often offer continuing education creditsContinue reading “Navigating professional conferences as a YP”

Has COVID increased water pollution?

COVID-19 outbreak affected almost all countries infected more than 460 million people, of which approximately 6 million died. More than half of the world’s population experienced a lockdown, which led to unprecedented reductions in economic activity. Apart from the interrupted human activities including but not limited to transportation and travel (water, air, road), commercial activitiesContinue reading “Has COVID increased water pollution?”

Managing the Pandemic: Use of WBE and examples from Canada

The COVID-19 pandemic marks its 2nd anniversary this month, and weirdly, it alternatively feels to us like that day was either forever ago or just yesterday. As graduate students, one thing is for sure: the pandemic permanently transformed the way we work and live our lives. As it is also World Water Day today, weContinue reading “Managing the Pandemic: Use of WBE and examples from Canada”