About IWA YWP Canada

IWA YWP Canada aims to be an inclusive, forward thinking, and supportive community for all early career Canadians working in the water sector. Our goal is to gather together early career professionals working in our country’s water sector to network, provide opportunities, collaborate, empower, and support them. 

  • Establish, grow, and maintain a strong, high quality, professional, and multi-disciplinary network for IWA Young Water Professionals.
  • Deliver opportunities for Professional Development
  • Collaborate with other IWA YWP country chapters
  • Contribute and advocate IWA’s vision
  • Advocate and empower IWA YWPs
  • Nurture a culture of open, supportive, and respectful knowledge exchange

IWA YWP Canada is part of the IWA global network.

IWA YWP Canada Executive is in charge of the overall development, management and maintenance of the IWA YWP Canada network. The Executive is led by the Chair, Co-Chair and Secretary. Positions on the Executive include Communications, Treasurer, and regional representatives for 5 regions across Canada.

Farokh Laka Kakar


Farokh is a PhD Candidate at Ryerson University. Her research focuses on resouce recovery from municipal wastes such as sludge and food waste. She is a professor at George Brown College with 6 years of experience in academia. She is the president of IWA YWP Canada Executive Committee and Vice President of Young Professionals in CAWQ. She is chairing the upcoming IWA YWP National Conference in Canada. In addition, she is leading the women coffee club at the Society of Women Engineers.

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Sylvie Spraakman


Sylvie is a a PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto. Her research focus is bioretention, a stormwater management technology, and how it performs over the long term. She is an engineer with 5 years of experience in stormwater. Besides being Secretary of the IWA YWP Canada Executive Committee, she is helping to organize the IWA YWP National Conference in Canada, and is the President of GradSWE at the University of Toronto.

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Zoe Li


Dr. Zoe Li is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at McMaster University. Her research interests include hydro-environmental modeling, climate impact studies, uncertainty quantification, and environmental risk management.

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Chris DeGroot


Chris is an Assistant Professor in Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Western University. His research focus is applications of computational fluid dynamics and other advanced modelling techniques to improve wastewater treatment technologies. Currently he has active projects on photobioreactors, UV disinfection, filtration, and sewer systems. Besides being Treasurer of the IWA YWP Canada Executive Chapter, he was the Programme Chair for the 2019 International Young Water Professionals Conference in Toronto.

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Gamze Kirim

Communications Co-Director

Gamze is a PhD candidate at Université Laval in the modelEAU team. She is an engineer with more than 5 years experience in wastewater management. Her research focuses on energy and resource optimization in nitrogen removing systems. She is in management committee of IWA Specialist Group on Modelling & Integrated Assessment and an active member of Québec Water Research Center. She also contributed to organization of several IWA international conferences.

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Neha Purohit

Communications Co-Director

Neha is a Master’s student in Environmental Engineering at Ryerson University focused in wastewater treatment and bio-solids management. Her main focus is to determine the resource recovery option from the Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater under Hydro-thermally Pre-treated condition.

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Rahul Hampaul

British Columbia Regional Director

Rahul is a Senior Engineer at Department of Indigenous Services Canada, focusing on infrastructure projects for remote indigenous communities in British Columbia. He is also pursuing his graduate studies with a focus on climate change adaptation by evaluating the potential of west coast native plants for saline agricultural applications. Rahul is also a graduate of the Water Leadership Institute program aimed at educating, training, and providing opportunities that enable developing and emerging leaders to build strong lasting relationships within the water industry.

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Palash Sanyal

Western Regional Co-Director

Palash is a facilitator, researcher, a decade in water and wastewater resource management. More than eight years of experience in conflict resolution, facilitating workshops, training. Palash is currently a Strategic Partnerships Specialist at the Global Institute for Water Security in Saskatchewan.

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Hayat Raza

Central Region Co-Director

Hayat Raza currently works as Applications Specialist with Continental Carbon Group, Inc. in Ontario, Canada. His works involves providing air and water solutions to clients utilizing carbon adsorption technology. Hayat obtained his bachelor’s and master’s in chemical engineering with research in the areas of Ozone and Supercritical Water Oxidation. Hayat also works with Water for People (WFP) in helping create awareness and solve drinking water challenges for populations in third world countries

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Abdullahi Hussein

Central Region Co-Director

Abdullahi Hussein is a Central Director and Executive Committee Member of IWA YWP Canada for 2019-2021. He holds a double Master Degree in Integrated River Basin (Water Resources) Management and Disaster Resilience Leadership. His MSc Research focused on Modelling Water Resources System and Water Security of Shabelle and Juba River Basins. He has a wide range of experience in the field of Irrigation/Agriculture Water Management.

Alexandra Webb

Eastern Regional Director

Alex recently completed her Master’s in Integrated Water Resource Management at McGill, with the goal of transitioning to the ‘decision side’ after having worked on the ‘supply side’ at an industrial valve and pipe distributor as business development management. In addition to coursework, her masters research included Maritime Canada on Community-Based Water Quality Monitoring programs and work on game theory for negotiations between environmental and economic interests in Haifa, Israel.

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Emma Wattie

Maritimes Regional Director

Emma Wattie is Director of Saint Mary’s University’s Atlantic Water Network. Emma has over seven years of data collection and management experience and has collaborated closely with organizations in the effort to build Atlantic Canada’s water monitoring capacity. Emma obtained her MSc in Integrated Water Resource Management from McGill University (2012) and her BSc in Biology from Saint Francis Xavier University (2010) where she studied the impacts of different agricultural practices on the benthic macroinvertebrate community within the St. Mary’s River.

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Paul Cabling

Western Co-Director

Paul is an MSc student specializing in environmental science from the University of Alberta’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His research aims to understand the environmental impacts of emerging community-based urban water systems such as water reuse and wastewater heat recovery. Passionate in research and science communication, he is committed to serving the community as the Communications Officer for CAWQ, Journal Editor for U of A’s Eureka, and now as Western Director (AB) for IWA-YWP.

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