Fundamentals and Practical experience on Anaerobic Digestion

Organizer of the workshop:
Dr. Elsayed Elbeshbishy, Associate Professor, Ryerson University
Dr. Hisham Hafez, Lead Bioenergy Research & Development Engineer, GreenField Global
Mr. Indra Maharjan, director of innovation, technology, and alternate delivery, Ontario Clean Water Agency
Dr. Bipro Dhar, Associate Professor, University of Alberta
Mr. David Ellis, Principal Engineer, Azura Associates
Dr. Basem Zakaria PhD Candidate, University of Alberta

This workshop aims to share with the young water professionals (YWPs) the fundamentals of anaerobic digestion as a promising technology for recovering value added products from the municipal and industrial wastes. Audience will learn about the practical experience and troubleshooting of the anaerobic digestion and how to solve real problems. The audience will also learn about the economic aspects of the anaerobic digestion technology and how to calculate the revenue, payback period, and what type if incentives that are available in North America. Furthermore, real on-going case studies will be discussed with the audience and the challenges that facing the projects, especially, at the start-up. The audience will learn also about the advanced anaerobic digestion technologies and the underdevelopment technologies.

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