YWP E-Learning Session with Dr. Nakhla

The first YWP E-Learning session was a great success. Dr. Nakhla gave a presentation about the basics of conventional & short-cut nitrogen removal processes, different plant configurations that are being widely applied and design principles. After a fruitful Q&A session, YWPs tried to find solutions to different design questions in breakout rooms and had aContinue reading “YWP E-Learning Session with Dr. Nakhla”

Waterside chat with Jaime Boutilier

IWA YWP Canada held a great waterside chat event today with Jaime Boutilier, P.ENG, PMP. Jaime shared her career path and experiences in the water sector with us and gave invaluable advice to YWPs. She emphasized the importance of volunteer work, management skills, communication skills, teamwork. planning & organization for the YWPs who are in their early career and how to improve thoseContinue reading “Waterside chat with Jaime Boutilier”