How to finish your Ph.D. in less than three years?

“What year of your Ph.D. are you at?” This is a question that all Ph.D. students hate, and everyone knows it is like asking a woman about their age. The hard feeling that comes with this question is that a Ph.D. student might spend 4 to 7 years in the program and as soon asContinue reading “How to finish your Ph.D. in less than three years?”

Empowering Yourself on the PhD Journey

I left the Nano-Engineering Laboratory for Energy & Environmental Technologies (NLEET) research group at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) a few months ago. Looking back, it still excites me to believe that I was part of such a fantastic research group supervised by a great professor, Dr. Hadis Zarrin, with talented, diligent, and cooperative lab mates.Continue reading “Empowering Yourself on the PhD Journey”

IWA World Water Congress: From the Perspective of a YWP

From September 12 to 15, 2022, Copenhagen hosted the IWA World Water Congress, which included keynote speeches, an industrial plenary, and technical talks. The ambition of the Congress was to bring together multi-disciplinary professionals from the water industry to discuss issues pertaining to sustainability and the development of sustainable cities. Copenhagen was the prime location,Continue reading IWA World Water Congress: From the Perspective of a YWP

Canadian IWA YWPs at WEFTEC 2022

Written by Alexandra Webb, Eastern Canada Regional Director PHEW! Finally recovered and back into the routine after WEFTEC came back with a bang this year in its first New Orleans (NOLA) appearance since 2018. Reportedly a standout conference in the numbers for a NOLA-based conference year, with near-peak attendance (compared to pre-pandemic numbers), and moreContinue reading “Canadian IWA YWPs at WEFTEC 2022”

Getting ready to take the NPPE

The National Professional Practise Exam (NPPE) is a requirement (read rite of passage) for anyone hoping to obtain an engineering or geoscience license in Canada (except Quebec, lucky folks). For most provinces, the exam contains 110 multiple-choice questions covering professionalism, ethics, law and membership regulation to be completed within two and a half hours. ItContinue reading “Getting ready to take the NPPE”