WaterSide Chat with Robb Lukes

On February 2021 Waterside Chat webinar, IWA YWP Canada invited Robb Lukes, Green Infrastructure Engineer, City of Vancouver to share his career experiences.
The session primarily focused on Best Management Practices (BMPs) used in Urban SWM and specific techniques used in North America for Green Rain Water Infrastructure.

He also shared his experience in designing and managing the construction of storm water green infrastructure and low impact development for city streets and parks which was very insightful to the YWPs. He also talked about various tools that can help new immigrants in their job search and highlighted the importance of training and certifications in the field of Water Management. The chat was very interactive and provided a great learning experience in the area of Green Infrastructure.

Thank you so much Robb Lukes for joining us for this amazing edition. A big thanks to Sylvie Spraakman, Md Annaduzzaman Kajol, and Kulveen Kaur, for organizing this event.

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