CAWQ-IWA Panel Discussion on Pandemic & Wastewater Facilities

IWA YWP Canada hosted a panel discussion to learn about the effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on wastewater facilities. We invited some of the wastewater outstanding leaders from different cities in Central Canada region. The discussions with the panel members was very informative and focused on operational challenges during pandemic as well as risks involved in working with wastewater.

The members shared their extensive experience in working for COVID-19 Surveillance in wastewater facilities. They also developed tools to maintain a safe environment for the Public Health Workforce and ensured an uninterrupted level of service to the public. They also gave importance to wastewater testing for detection of COVID-19 and gave solutions to how they tackled and solved the problems.

The discussions were very interactive which included small breakout sessions where every attendee got a chance to individually connect with the speakers. The speakers were very friendly and shared their experiences and lessons learnt which helped Young Professionals for their future growth plans. They also expressed their concerns about Post Pandemic work culture and addressed the problems related to it. The overall chat with the panelists was very interactive throughout and provided a great learning experience.

We thank our speakers Kirby Oudekerk, Nitti Subramamiam and Christine Hill for joining and sharing their experiences with the YWPs and guiding them throughout the discussion!

A big thanks to Sylvie Spraakman, Farokh Kakar, Gamze Kirim, Md Annaduzzaman Kajol and Kulveen Kaur, for organizing this event.

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