Waterside Chat with Dr. Wim Audenaert

On Tuesday, 29 March 2022, IWA-YWP Canada hosted a Waterside Chat event with Dr. Wim Audenaert, CEO of AM-Team. Through an engaging and lively discussion with Dr. Audenaert, we spoke about his transition from researcher to entrepreneur and the life of an entrepreneur in the water sector. Dr. Audenaert also discussed how he and otherContinue reading “Waterside Chat with Dr. Wim Audenaert”

Pacific Region: Conquering Mt. Doug

This was the first meet-up of Young Water Professionals and Enthusiasts on Vancouver Island! We had a wonderful time getting to know students and researchers in the water sphere. Of course everyone was well fed with snacks and drinks before successfully conquering Mt. Doug!!  Thanks to IWA-YWP and Dr.Kristian Dubrawski for sponsoring, and IWA-YWP PacificContinue reading “Pacific Region: Conquering Mt. Doug”

Building Bridges: Challenges for Water Supply Infrastructure

This March, our chapter hosted a joint panel event with IWA YWP Germany to discuss the current and future challenges for Water Supply Infrastructure in both countries. We heard from Dr. Cassivi, a sessional lecturer at the Université de Montreal, Canada, who works on drinking water supply and domestic hygiene in low-resource settings. The head ofContinue reading “Building Bridges: Challenges for Water Supply Infrastructure”

Waterside Chat with Miguel Castillo

In our first waterside chat of 2022, we sit down with Miguel Castillo, a Site Superintendent at QM Environmental to discuss his passion for Bioengineering and some large-scale ecological projects that he has spearheaded and been involved in. During this session, Miguel talked about the importance of getting local communities involved in restoration projects. InContinue reading “Waterside Chat with Miguel Castillo”

Community-based Water Management, with Dr.Yu Chen

On 1 December 2021, IWA-YWP Canada hosted Dr. Yu Chen from the Centre for Global Engineering at the University of Toronto in the webinar on ‘Community-based WaterManagement: A Reflective Commentary on the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City’.  Dr. Chen discussed the unique hydrological landscape of Mexico City and its peri-urban neighbourhoods as well as theContinue reading “Community-based Water Management, with Dr.Yu Chen”

Young Professionals Talk –  Branding Yourself with Dr. Ketan Marballi

On November 12, YWPs in Toronto had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Marballi, a Cellular and Structural Biology researcher turned Career Specialist. He shared tips on creating a personal and professional brand online, job seeking and career transitions. We also held a small quiz competition on what we learned. Congratulations to our Kahoot winners! AsContinue reading “Young Professionals Talk –  Branding Yourself with Dr. Ketan Marballi”

2021 Virtual Atlantic and Eastern Canadian Symposium on Water Quality Research

We are always grateful to the Canadian Association on Water Quality (CAWQ/ACQE) for the opportunity to collaborate on events like the Symposium on Water Quality Research. On November 3rd, our chapter’s co-chair Gamze Kirim introduced our organization, goals, events and called on the Young Water Professionals in the Atlantic and Eastern regions of Canada toContinue reading “2021 Virtual Atlantic and Eastern Canadian Symposium on Water Quality Research”

Lynn Valley and Rice Lake Hike (BC)

On October 23rd, IWA YWP in British Columbia partnered with the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) on a nature hike to Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. It was a rainy Saturday with beautiful waterfalls, warm hot chocolate,  and great conversation. Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our emails so that you don’t miss our next event.

Blue Drinks with CentrEau

IWA YWP Canada collaborated with CentrEau to host the first ‘Blue Drinks’ for 2021 on September 23rd. This was our first in-person social event in over a year! The event took place in 3 Quebec cities – Montreal, Quebec City, and Sherbrooke. Our Co-chair, Gamze Kirim, and Regional Director for Quebec, Alex Webb, introduced ourContinue reading “Blue Drinks with CentrEau”