Waterside Chat with Dr. Wim Audenaert

On Tuesday, 29 March 2022, IWA-YWP Canada hosted a Waterside Chat event with Dr. Wim Audenaert, CEO of AM-Team. Through an engaging and lively discussion with Dr. Audenaert, we spoke about his transition from researcher to entrepreneur and the life of an entrepreneur in the water sector. Dr. Audenaert also discussed how he and otherContinue reading “Waterside Chat with Dr. Wim Audenaert”

Has COVID increased water pollution?

COVID-19 outbreak affected almost all countries infected more than 460 million people, of which approximately 6 million died. More than half of the world’s population experienced a lockdown, which led to unprecedented reductions in economic activity. Apart from the interrupted human activities including but not limited to transportation and travel (water, air, road), commercial activitiesContinue reading “Has COVID increased water pollution?”

Managing the Pandemic: Use of WBE and examples from Canada

The COVID-19 pandemic marks its 2nd anniversary this month, and weirdly, it alternatively feels to us like that day was either forever ago or just yesterday. As graduate students, one thing is for sure: the pandemic permanently transformed the way we work and live our lives. As it is also World Water Day today, weContinue reading “Managing the Pandemic: Use of WBE and examples from Canada”

Waterside Chat with Miguel Castillo

In our first waterside chat of 2022, we sit down with Miguel Castillo, a Site Superintendent at QM Environmental to discuss his passion for Bioengineering and some large-scale ecological projects that he has spearheaded and been involved in. During this session, Miguel talked about the importance of getting local communities involved in restoration projects. InContinue reading “Waterside Chat with Miguel Castillo”

2021 Virtual Atlantic and Eastern Canadian Symposium on Water Quality Research

We are always grateful to the Canadian Association on Water Quality (CAWQ/ACQE) for the opportunity to collaborate on events like the Symposium on Water Quality Research. On November 3rd, our chapter’s co-chair Gamze Kirim introduced our organization, goals, events and called on the Young Water Professionals in the Atlantic and Eastern regions of Canada toContinue reading “2021 Virtual Atlantic and Eastern Canadian Symposium on Water Quality Research”

WaterSide Chat with Dr. Elbeshbishy

Our waterside chat with Dr. Elsayed Elbeshbishy was a resounding success! We had YWPs tuning in from Canada, the UK, and India. We are certain that everyone walked away with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm! Here are a few pointers from his session that we enjoyed:-Have a positive outlook and don’t shy away from workingContinue reading “WaterSide Chat with Dr. Elbeshbishy”

WaterSide Chat with Dr. Vanrolleghem

Talking about the wastewater plant operation, Dr. Vanrolleghem insisted that there could be a mutation in microorganism that is likely to occur because of COVID-19 enigma surrounding the treatment process, and that the operator should be ready for the challenge. He laid stress on the digital transformation in the wastewater treatment plant where automation couldContinue reading “WaterSide Chat with Dr. Vanrolleghem”

Globalization Empowered by Digitalization

Digitalization is the driving medium of the globalization through encouraging innovation, and increasing interconnectedness. But how have the recent reforms in digitalization during the pandemic affected the water sector? Our panelists, Peter Vanrolleghem, Domenico Santoro,  Art Umble and Mehran Andalib talked about their outlook on digitalization in the water sector and the role of statistical data in artificial intelligence platforms. OurContinue reading “Globalization Empowered by Digitalization”

Community Based Monitoring (CBM): A Valuable Tool for Water Quality Data

 What is ‘community-based monitoring’(CBM), and how does it work in the context of water quality data collection? This workshop was designed to introduce CBM initiatives taking place in Atlantic Canada, and show how they can be used to build community engagement while developing useful water quality datasets. Atlantic Water Network’s Director, Emma Wattie and co-presenter Alexandra Webb Continue reading “Community Based Monitoring (CBM): A Valuable Tool for Water Quality Data”