Emerging Drinking Water Disinfection Byproducts: Analytical and Toxicological Characterization

Invited speaker: Xing-Fang Li Drinking water disinfection is the most effective means for preventing waterborne diseases. However, an unintended consequence is the formation of disinfection by-products (DBPs) from reactions between the disinfectants (e.g., chlorine) and the natural organic matter in water. Epidemiological studies have shown a potential association of consumption of chlorinated drinking water withContinue reading “Emerging Drinking Water Disinfection Byproducts: Analytical and Toxicological Characterization”


Gamze Kirim, modelEAU, Université Laval Sovanna Tik, modelEAU, Université Laval Karen Mesta Ortega, modelEAU, Université LavalChristophe Boisvert, modelEAU, Université LavalRania Souidi, modelEAU, Université LavalRyan Sanford, DHI Water & EnvironmentAngelos Yiannou, EnviroSim Associates Ltd.Vrunda Patel, inCTRL SolutionsDandan Song, Hydromantis Environmental Software SolutionsNick Piccolo, Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions This workshop aims to inform early career YWPs aboutContinue reading “MODELLING AS TOOL FOR DECISION MAKING ON OPERATION OF WATER RESOURCE RECOVERY FACILITIES (WRRF)”

Fundamentals and Practical experience on Anaerobic Digestion

Organizer of the workshop:Dr. Elsayed Elbeshbishy, Associate Professor, Ryerson UniversityDr. Hisham Hafez, Lead Bioenergy Research & Development Engineer, GreenField GlobalMr. Indra Maharjan, director of innovation, technology, and alternate delivery, Ontario Clean Water AgencyDr. Bipro Dhar, Associate Professor, University of AlbertaMr. David Ellis, Principal Engineer, Azura AssociatesDr. Basem Zakaria PhD Candidate, University of Alberta This workshopContinue reading “Fundamentals and Practical experience on Anaerobic Digestion”

E-Learning Session on Solving Complex Water Reclamation Challenges through Advanced Characterization Tools

On 29 April 2021, the IWA-YWP Canada hosted Dr. Pavani Cherukupally. Overall, 54 participants registered for the event and approx. 29 participants joined on the live session. For the first time, an appreciation certificate was presented to the guest speaker, Dr. Cherukupally. The participants (who wanted a participation certificate and responded in a google formContinue reading “E-Learning Session on Solving Complex Water Reclamation Challenges through Advanced Characterization Tools”

WaterSide Chat with Sarah Dorner

IWA YWP Canada invited Dr.Sarah Dorner, Professor- Montreal Polytechnic, Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineer as the speaker for March 2021 Waterside Chat Webinar to share her research experiences in the field of Environmental Engineering. The session highlighted some of the conference papers and publications of Dr.Sarah Dorner and her ongoing research on COVID-19Continue reading “WaterSide Chat with Sarah Dorner”

CAWQ-IWA Webinar: Harnessing Membrane Aerated Biofilm Technology

On 24th of March 2021, YWP had an amazing webinar on the innovative Membrane Aerated Biofilm Technology MABR presented by Dr. Martha Dagnew. In this session, more than 60 participants have attended from different parts of the world. Dr. Dagnew lectured on fundamentals of this unique attached growth technology and present different case studies whereContinue reading “CAWQ-IWA Webinar: Harnessing Membrane Aerated Biofilm Technology”

CAWQ-IWA Panel Discussion on Pandemic & Wastewater Facilities

IWA YWP Canada hosted a panel discussion to learn about the effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on wastewater facilities. We invited some of the wastewater outstanding leaders from different cities in Central Canada region. The discussions with the panel members was very informative and focused on operational challenges during pandemic as well as risks involved inContinue reading “CAWQ-IWA Panel Discussion on Pandemic & Wastewater Facilities”

WaterSide Chat with Robb Lukes

On February 2021 Waterside Chat webinar, IWA YWP Canada invited Robb Lukes, Green Infrastructure Engineer, City of Vancouver to share his career experiences.The session primarily focused on Best Management Practices (BMPs) used in Urban SWM and specific techniques used in North America for Green Rain Water Infrastructure. He also shared his experience in designing and managing theContinue reading “WaterSide Chat with Robb Lukes”

WaterSide Chat with Arthur Sinclair

On January 2021 Waterside Chat webinar, our invited speaker, Arthur Sinclair, Senior Project Manager, City of Toronto, talked about his successful career story. He was presenting his story like a stand-up comedian, it was impressive. Based on YWPs questions in the webinar Q&A session, he gave some important guidelines/directions towards looking for job, and the importance of training orContinue reading “WaterSide Chat with Arthur Sinclair”