Canadian IWA YWPs at WEFTEC 2022

Written by Alexandra Webb, Eastern Canada Regional Director PHEW! Finally recovered and back into the routine after WEFTEC came back with a bang this year in its first New Orleans (NOLA) appearance since 2018. Reportedly a standout conference in the numbers for a NOLA-based conference year, with near-peak attendance (compared to pre-pandemic numbers), and moreContinue reading “Canadian IWA YWPs at WEFTEC 2022”

WaterSide Chat with Dr. Elbeshbishy

Our waterside chat with Dr. Elsayed Elbeshbishy was a resounding success! We had YWPs tuning in from Canada, the UK, and India. We are certain that everyone walked away with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm! Here are a few pointers from his session that we enjoyed:-Have a positive outlook and don’t shy away from workingContinue reading “WaterSide Chat with Dr. Elbeshbishy”

WaterSide Chat with Dr. Vanrolleghem

Talking about the wastewater plant operation, Dr. Vanrolleghem insisted that there could be a mutation in microorganism that is likely to occur because of COVID-19 enigma surrounding the treatment process, and that the operator should be ready for the challenge. He laid stress on the digital transformation in the wastewater treatment plant where automation couldContinue reading “WaterSide Chat with Dr. Vanrolleghem”